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Come and celebrate with a party at Loughwell Farm Park!

At Loughwell Farm Park, family parties are something that both we and our animals love to celebrate. If you’re looking to organise the best birthday party ever for your child…look no further than Loughwell Farm Park. We will do our very best to ensure that your child has the most unique fun-filled Birthday party ever!!

Loughwell Farm Park is a very  popular kids party venue in Galway as our parties are great fun whatever the weather with all our indoor and outdoor play activities.

Our party package is  €15.95 per child which includes entry to the Farm Park, hot party meal, drink and party bag!  NO Time restrictions.

Apologies but we have had no choice but to increase our party price in 2019 due to  escalating costs including insurance costs having increased by 300%.

We also provide Party Invitations which you can download here.

In order to avail of the party package you need to have a minimum of 8 fee paying children. With the party package, you get one free adult entry per fee paying child.

Book your party now online.

Have your best party ever at Loughwell Farm Park.!

Enquire about having your Birthday Party at Loughwell

If you would like to book a Birthday Party with us, please email us and let us know your date and time preferences and we will contact you as soon as possible to finalise arrangements. Note, we do not take any payments at this point, just the date/time you would like to have your party and your contact details.


Birthday Parties FAQs

  • Can I bring food to the party?

    If you would like to bring extra buns/ cakes/ sweets to the party, that is no problem. However, we do not allow you to bring in food for adults such as sandwiches etc. We sell sandwiches plus tea/ coffee at €5.50 per adult but these need to be preordered. Otherwise you can order food for the adults off our menu on the day of the party if you would like.

  • Do I have to pay for adults?

    If you have 8 paying children or more at the birthday party then you get one free adult per paying child. Extra adults cost €5.00 each.

  • Do I have to pay for the children who do not show up on the day of the party?

    With the party package, you have to pay for 8 children anyhow, but you just pay for whoever shows up after that. E.g. if you booked for 15 kids and only 12 showed up on the day, then you would only pay for 12 kids.

  • How long does a party last?

    We have four different party time slots per day 11-2, 12-3, 1-4, 2-5. You can choose to stay for any amount of time within this timeslot e.g. have a 2 hours party 11-1.00 pm or have a 2.5 hour party 11-1.30 or a 3 hour party e.g. 11-2. It is completely up to you.

  • How many children can I invite to the party?

    To avail of the party package, whereby you get one free adult per child, you have to have a minimum of 8 children . There is no maximum amount of children. You can invite however many you like

  • How much does a party cost?

    Our party package is €15.95 per child which includes entry to Loughwell Farm Park, hot party meal, drink and a party bag. You have to have a minimum of 8 paying children to avail of the party package-----if you have less than 8 you still need to pay for 8 children and then you get one free adult per child.


  • What age is a person considered an adult?

    16 years or over.

  • What do I need to bring to the party?

    You just need to bring the cake and birthday candles.

  • What happens at a party in Loughwell Farm Park?

    There is no specific format. We have staff supervising our play equipment but the children are your responsibility as they would be anywhere. We generally advise that you tell the children to stay together either inside or outside. When you arrive, all the children will give their names to the girl at the entrance hut so we keep a record of everyone who is attending the party. We can check this list off with you at any time during the party. On arrival., go straight into the playbarn where you will meet the party supervisor. She will take your cake from you, and discuss what time you want to eat, put drinks on the table and answer any queries.

  • What if I want to have a party longer than 3 hours. ?

    That is no problem. You can book the party in the timeslot during which the party starts and make a note on the booking form that you would like to stay longer. Most people limit the party time to 3 hours or less but it is completely up to you. Remember the children are your responsibility when they are in Loughwell Farm Park.

  • What is in the party bag?

    The party bag contain some type of snack crisps, lollipop, packet of jelly sweets and a small chewy bar.

  • What is the party meal?

    The party meal is a plate of chips with a mixture of sausages and chicken nuggets. We can also provide pasta, sauce and cheese for the party if you prefer but pasta needs to be booked in advance. We do not provide the two choices of party meals at the one party as we find from experience that it is better for all the children to get the same.

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